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Wedding Planning

For the couple who wants a Wedding Planner to plan from start to finish guiding every step of the way. We'll work hand in hand to put together your dream team and to create a design that truly tells your love story.


Wedding planning begins (up to) 12 months before wedding day.

- Pricing begins at $4,400 -

Additional Services

+ Additional Events (Engagement Party, Bridal or Couples Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Welcome Cocktail Hour, etc.)
+ Ceremony Floral Removal or Relocation
+ Additional Assistant Day of Coordinator
+ Additional Meeting(s) 
+ Return Rental It
Assembling & Mailing Wedding Invitations
+ RSVP Management

+ Budget Management

Initial Consultation Phone Call

Say hello! We'll have a little chat to get acquainted. During this time, we'll go over any questions you have, review the package you are interested in, discuss a few initial details and talk about next steps. I can't wait to get started!

Initial Meeting

We'll meet in person if possible. If not, we'll Facetime (thank goodness for technology!). This will be a time for me to get to know you! We'll go over your priorities and wishes for your wedding plus any important details you have in mind. During this meeting, we'll curate a design vision board, review your wedding budget, and create an initial wedding day timeline. For venue, I'll help you narrow down the best selection to choose from based on your unique wishes, budget, and style. The whole planning process is to help you stay stress free!

Initial Venue Visit

After you have selected your dream venue, I'll walkthrough with you to help bring the curated design board to life by imagining and designating the flow, floor plan, and decor placement. We'll review your venue contract to determine what the venue offers and what the venue allows to make sure the decor and timeline we have in mind are all doable within the space.

Vendor Booking + Design Execution

Now that the date is set, I'll recommend the best of the best vendors! To help you along in this process, I will reach out to and request quotes and contracts from the ones you are interested in working with. During which, I'll review as a second pair of eyes and ears to you. We'll put together the dream team!


I'll schedule and attend your initial caterer & florist meetings (up to two per category). I'll also attend up to two additional vendor meetings. Every wedding is different so we'll determine this based on what is most important and helpful to you!


To make sure everything comes together beautifully, I'll assist you with the aesthetics including the design selections of rentals, florals, and cake. I'll also propose signage and paper good selections to tie everything together. Lastly and most importantly, I will help you incorporate personal detail touches unique to you and your love story!

Our Communication

We'll stay in touch throughout the whole planning process! I'll send over monthly wedding checklists to help you stay organized and on track. I'll also check in to see how you are doing and if there is something I can help you with. All the while you will be able to reach me via phone or email anytime you need anything at all! 

Wedding detail questionnaires will be available to make sure we're all set for the big day. Questionnaires include custom information pertaining to processional order, recessional order, important song selections, and etc. No need to worry, it will be a piece of cake! I'm here to help!

Vendor Communication

Your vendors will be familiar with who I am as I will introduce myself as your wedding planner. I will make sure they have the initial timeline and details that we have discussed. Throughout the planning process, I'll update them as needed. I'm available to answer any questions they have along the way.

Final Venue Visit

If your venue hosts a final venue meeting, I'll attend this with you. If they do not host a final venue meeting, I'll do a final walkthrough of the venue with you. This is the perfect time to review final placement of personal decor and details within the space(s).

Final Details Meeting

We'll meet again to make sure everything is perfect for your big day. This meeting is strategically scheduled 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding day. During this time, we'll review all vendor details and orders, create a minute by minute wedding day timeline and review custom floor plan(s) designed for you. Anything left listed as a "to do", I'll help you organize and cross off. I'll take as much as I can off of your plate! Once all vendors and details have been finalized, I'll send your final wedding day timeline and final floor plan(s) to review one last time. After your approval, I'll forward these on to your vendors and you can forward them on to your wedding party & immediate family. This way everyone is on the same page.

Final Vendor Confirmation

After our final details meeting, I'll reach out to all of your vendors to confirm final details. This includes confirmation and scheduling of arrivals, deliveries, services, pickups and departures. I will adjust counts and quantities to finalize your orders based on your final RSVP count. Once every thing and everyone has been confirmed and finalized, I will forward your entire vendor team the final wedding day timeline and final floor plan(s). 


I'll coordinate a rehearsal practice the day before your wedding. This can either be onsite if your venue includes a rehearsal time or offsite if your venue does not. I'll support your Officiant so they can solely focus on getting you married! To start, I will do a roll call to line up everyone involved in the processional in order, cue them to walk, guide their pace, show them where to stand or sit, as well as share helpful instructions regarding hand placement and hand offs. After your Officiant reviews your highlighted ceremony content and cues, I'll instruct and guide the recessional out. This will take an hour or less.

Wedding Day!

The fact that you have entrusted me with your wedding is not something I take lightly. I consider it the greatest honor! Wedding Planning is included from start to finish on wedding day. Don't you worry about a thing! In addition to having me as your Wedding Planner, I'll also have an Assistant Coordinator onsite the entire time. Together we'll make sure it all goes perfectly. Enjoy and be fully present in each precious moment. We'll setup your personal items (ex. signs, photos, seating cards, sign-in, etc.), place tablecloths and set table settings, if needed. We'll support you and your wedding party by checking in throughout the day, pinning on boutonnieres, providing printed timelines in the getting ready suites and giving reminders throughout the day to help to keep everything and everyone on track. As for your vendors, I'll serve as the point of contact, oversee their services and manage your dream team from beginning to end! It takes a team to pull off the perfect day! For your ceremony, we'll cue your DJ or musicians for the processional and send your loved ones involved down the aisle accordingly. After the ceremony, we'll work as a team with your DJ/Emcee to ensure everything is flowing properly and timely for the reception. We'll coordinate with your caterer for the meal service to so that both you and your guests are happily fed. Throughout the reception, we'll guide you and your loved ones involved in major moments (formal dances, toasts, etc.). After the last dance, we'll distribute your exit item and gather guests for the perfect ending to the perfect day! No need to worry about your loved ones that you leave behind. Cleanup will be smooth and quick as we'll stick around to oversee your vendors depart all while we help those you have designated pack up and take home your personal decor plus any other items like extra cake, yum! Lastly, we'll do a final walkthrough of the venue.

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